Best 2020 2021 home soccer kits

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been tough to get back into the spirit of the game since no fans are allowed in stadiums, and most pre-season tournaments are canceled.

But one element every soccer fan can enjoy is the launch of the new football kits of the top European clubs in 2020-2021. These kits build up the hype of the new season, and a few of these will become iconic in a few months after the team wearing them wins silverware. So let us look at our Top 5 2020-2021 Kits and why we like them.

1. FC Barcelona Home Kit

FC Barcelona home kit by Icon Sports

A few players immortalize some kits. And Lionel Messi did that with the 2010-11 Barca Home kit. That iconic home kit inspires this year's FC Barcelona home kit with the yellow collar and the classic red and blue stripes. 

Most fans did not appreciate the chequered design of 19-20, and going back to the classic stripes has been a welcome move from the fans. The blue shorts along with the hooped socks round off this tremendous look for Barca. Messi is probably going to be unstoppable in this one.

2. Manchester City Home Kit

manchester city home kit for 2020 2021

The purple pattern on the 19-20 kit was criticized by all, so Puma has gotten their act together with this creative design. The subtle white mosaic pattern adds a lot of character and finesse to the classic sky blue color of City. 

The shorts will be either white or blue, depending upon the opponent, while the socks are blue. We also quite like the whitish band around the collar which is another delicate element contributing to this elegant design by Puma.

3. Juventus Home Kit

Juventus home kit 2020 2021

The new Juventus home kit may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we are fans of this innovative design. While the away kit has the classic dark blue design that would be perfect on Champions League away days, we are a bit more impressed  by the home kit.

The pattern is predominantly white with four brushstroke stripes at the front with all the logos in golden signifying the winning culture at the club. The shorts and socks are also white with golden logos and make for a clean look to balance the artistry on the front of the shirt.

4. Arsenal Home Kit

arsenal home kit 2020 2021

The thing to like about this Arsenal home kit is that it reflects where they are at the moment. A modern design based on all the historical elements which the club is based on. 

While we are not the biggest fans of the away kit, we quite like the pattern on the front, the white collars, and the subtle pattern on the sleeves of the Arsenal home kit.

5. Inter Home Kit

inter milan 2020 2021 home kit


The stripes on this year's Inter home kit are quite striking, and instead of looking out of place, they look exceptional. The zig-zag design gives the whole aesthetic a pretty unique vibe and stands out in a good way. The black shorts and blue socks complete the look.

So these were our picks for the Top 5 20/21 Kits. Did we miss any kits on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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